Expert’s Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box Review [2023 Update]

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The Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box is yet another CA DOJ-approved gun safe offered by V-Line, And like their other safes, this gun safe is marketed as something that fits small spaces, making it an ideal desk safe or car safe.

Now, I reviewed 20 gun safes, and I must say that its Simplex 5-button lock gradually grew on me. That makes this gun safe stand out from the others I’ve reviewed. Its continuous welded hinge and four mounting holes add an extra layer of security.

  • The V-Line Top Draw Locking Tactical Gun Storage Box is a CA DOJ-approved product made of 16ga heavy-duty steel.
  • It features a genuine Simplex 5-button mechanical lock and a welded continuous hinge to prevent the pin from being removed.
  • The storage box has mounting holes for secure installation.
  • It offers peace of mind when kids are around with its reliable lock. However, there's the need for stability with felt pads.

  • CA-compliant
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • High quality and weight
  • Desire for thicker steel
  • Modifications for easier access
  • Packaging and instructions

Product Summary

In my opinion, this storage box is engineered to provide maximum security and customer satisfaction.

It’s made of 16ga heavy-duty steel and features a genuine Simplex 5-button mechanical lock, ensuring your firearms are securely stored. The continuous hinge is welded, preventing the pin from being removed and adding an extra layer of security.

The box also includes mounting holes for stability and can be easily secured. Folks have praised this storage box’s quality, construction, and design, highlighting its reliability and sturdiness.

With its roominess and capacity, it’s perfect for protecting your valuables from unwanted access. Overall, this V-Line Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box offers top-notch security features and guarantees customer satisfaction, even when compared to similar safes such as the Awesafe.

Detailed Features

After examining the V-Line Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box, I found its features to be impressive and well-designed.

One of the critical aspects that stood out to me was the locking mechanism’s reliability. The genuine Simplex 5 Button mechanical lock provides a secure and easy-to-use method of keeping your firearms safe. Compared to other gun safes I’ve reviewed, this locking mechanism offers higher security and peace of mind.

The 16ga heavy-duty steel construction and continuous welded hinge also ensure durability and prevent unauthorized access. The mounting holes allow for secure installation, further enhancing the overall security of the storage box.

Overall, the V-Line Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box offers a reliable and robust solution for storing your firearms, making it a top choice in the market, particularly for best desk safes.

Pros & Cons

I have weighed the pros and cons of the V-Line Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box, and I believe it offers a secure and durable solution for storing firearms.

CA-compliantDesire for thicker steel
Sturdy and reliableModifications for easier access
High quality and weightPackaging and instructions

Based on my experience with this gun safe, the pros of this gun storage box include its peace of mind, its sturdiness and reliability, and its spaciousness.

It is also praised for its high quality and weight and compliance with CA regulations.

However, I’d suggest having thicker steel. You should also modify it for easier access. Additionally, there were some concerns regarding the packaging and instructions.

Overall, I recommend this product for those seeking a compact, secure, and durable storage solution for their firearms.

Concluding Thoughts

After comparing it to other gun safes I’ve tried, one standout feature of the V-Line Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box is its compact size.

That feature suits various users, including those with limited space. The box’s smaller dimensions make it easier to fit into different areas while providing adequate firearms protection. However, it’s worth noting that modifications are essential if you want easier access. While the box is secure, I’ve found it slightly challenging to open quickly when needed.

Want to see how it compares to all the other safes I’ve reviewed? Check my main article on overall best gun safes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the V-Line Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box Fireproof?

No, the V-Line Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box is not fireproof. However, alternative options offer fireproof ratings for those seeking additional protection for their firearms.

Can the Mechanical Lock Be Easily Picked or Bypassed?

No, the mechanical lock on the V-Line Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box cannot be easily picked or bypassed. It is a genuine Simplex 5 Button mechanical lock designed to provide secure and reliable access to your firearms.

How Many Guns Can the Storage Box Hold?

The V-Line Top Draw Tactical Gun Storage Box can hold multiple guns, depending on their size. The dimensions of the storage box are 12 x 9 x 3 inches, providing ample space for firearms.

Can the Storage Box Be Mounted on a Wall or Under a Desk?

The storage box can be mounted on a wall or under a desk. It provides a secure and convenient way to store guns, ensuring they are easily accessible while keeping them out of reach from unwanted visitors or children.

Are There Any Accessories or Additional Features Available for the Storage Box?

Yes, there are accessories and additional features available for the storage box. These include foam and VCI for protection and the option to mount it on a wall or under a desk.

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