Expert’s FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) Review [2023 Update]

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As a gun owner, I value the safety and security of my firearms above all else. That’s why I’ve personally compared over 20 different gun safes – so I definitely know what I’m talking about!

In this review, I’ll compare my and others’ personal experiences with the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1). We keep it real – only using honest, informed opinions to weigh the pros and cons.

I’ll give you my expert opinion to help you decide whether to buy this model or look elsewhere.

  • FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) is a heavy-duty, California DOJ-certified safe for pistols and handguns.
  • It features a quick-access mechanical lock and is made of sturdy 10-gauge steel.
  • The safe is designed to be pry-resistant and tamper-resistant, making it safe for households with toddlers.
  • Users are highly satisfied with the product, praising its functionality, security, and clear instruction manual.

  • Reliable and secure locking mechanism
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Pry-resistant and tamper-resistant design
  • California DOJ Certified
  • Made in USA with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Potential need to adjust foam padding for larger handguns
  • Plastic knob and buttons
  • Cheap sticker decal

Product Overview

I think the product overview provides a comprehensive description of the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) and its safety features.

The PB1 is a heavy-duty steel box that securely stores pistols and handguns. It’s California DOJ Certified and features a quick-access mechanical lock.

The dimensions of the box are 4-1/4h x 12-1/2w x 10-3/8d, with a 10-gauge steel body. The door is gas-strut-assisted, and the locking device is a fast-opening pushbutton Simplex mechanical lock.

The PB1 is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. Users have reported positive experiences with the PB1, praising its sturdy construction, tamper-resistant design, and high-quality foam inside.

Detailed Features

After using the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1), I found that its gas-strut-assisted heavyweight door and fast-opening push-button Simplex mechanical lock provide added security and convenience.

The locking mechanism of the PB1 is exceptionally reliable, ensuring that your firearms are kept safe and secure. The sturdy construction of the box, made from heavy-duty steel, makes it pry-resistant and tamper-resistant, providing peace of mind.

However, one concern I encountered was the foam padding inside the box. While the foam is of high quality, it may interfere with the closing of the box, especially if you have larger handguns. It may be necessary to remove or adjust the foam padding to ensure a proper fit.

Overall, the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) is a reliable and secure option for storing your firearms, making it the best gun safe for the money.

Pros & Cons

After researching the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1), I found that one of the pros is its reliable and secure locking mechanism, while one of the cons is the potential need to adjust the foam padding inside for larger handguns.

Reliable and secure locking mechanismPotential need to adjust foam padding for larger handguns
Heavy-duty steel constructionPlastic knob and buttons
Pry-resistant and tamper-resistant designCheap sticker decal
California DOJ CertifiedFoam padding may be too thick
Made in USA with a Lifetime WarrantyAdhesive residue left from removing foam padding

The FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) is known for its durability and security. The locking mechanism is reliable and provides peace of mind for gun owners. However, some users have reported that the foam padding inside may need to be adjusted to accommodate larger handguns.

Additionally, there have been criticisms regarding the plastic knob and buttons, as well as a cheap sticker decal. Despite these minor issues, the heavy-duty steel construction and tamper-resistant design make the PB1 a solid choice for keeping firearms safe and secure. The foam padding issue can be quickly resolved by removing or adjusting it, ensuring a proper fit for different handguns.

Overall, the PB1 offers a reliable locking mechanism and sturdy construction, providing a sense of security for gun owners.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) offers reliable security and durability, making it an excellent choice for gun owners. With its long-term durability and sturdy construction, the PB1 stands out among other pistol safes in the market.

Compared to other safes for the money, such as the VAULTEK LifePod 2.0, the PB1’s simplicity and durability make it the better choice.

Want to see how it compares to others? Check my main article on the best gun safes for the overall winners, or browse the list at the bottom of this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Open the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (Pb1) Using the Pushbutton Simplex Mechanical Locking Device?

The pushbutton simplex mechanical locking device on the Fort Knox Original Pistol Box (PB1) provides robust security. Unauthorized individuals will have difficulty opening it. It is a reliable and effective feature of the box.

Is the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (Pb1) Fireproof?

No, the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) is not fireproof, waterproof, or impact-resistant. It prioritizes security and tamper resistance, but additional measures should be taken for protection against these elements.

Can the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (Pb1) Be Mounted Horizontally?

Yes, the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) can be mounted horizontally. It offers different mounting options, allowing alternative orientations to fit various needs.

Does the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (Pb1) Have Any Additional Compartments or Storage Options?

No, the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) has no additional compartments or storage options. It is designed solely for securing pistols and handguns. Its primary focus is on providing top-notch security features.

Can the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (Pb1) Be Used to Store Items Other Than Handguns?

Yes, the FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box (PB1) can store items other than handguns. Its durability and construction make it suitable for alternative uses, ensuring long-lasting security and protection.

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