Gun Ranges For Beginners

A guide for gun ranges for beginners

Are you itching to improve your shooting skills or experience firing a gun for the first time? Then, you should go and look for the nearest shooting range from you! But what do you do once you get there? Should you get a firearm and try shooting any target you see? Heck, no! In this … Read more

What Are The 2 Basic Styles of Firearm Actions?

A gun guide answering the question, "What are the 2 basic styles of firearm actions?"

“Hey, Man! What are the 2 basic styles of firearm actions?” Well, that’s the common question folks ask me when learning how to use their first gun. Briefly, there are single-action and double-action firearms. These actions vary depending on whether your gun needs to be cocked or not. Wanna learn more? In this article, I … Read more

Sleep With Gun: Why You Should Not Do It.

A gun safety guide discussing why you shouldn't sleep with gun

Sleeping with a loaded gun may seem like a logical way to protect yourself. But hold your horses yet. In the last year, there were over 48,000 gun-related death cases. This accounts for suicides, homicides, and accidents. So, do you really want to sleep with gun? In this article, I’ll walk you through the risks … Read more

How Long To Hang Deer in Warm Temp?

A deer hunting guide discussing how long to hang deer in warm temp

Deer hunting season is over, and you’re on your way home with your harvest. That’s sweet! But you should know that deer meat is prone to spoilage, especially in warm weather. So, how long to hang deer in warm temp for high-quality venison? In this article, I’ll let you into my expert tips on hanging … Read more

Law Enforcement Discount Glock-Style

A guide about the law enforcement discount Glock-style

Are you a sworn law enforcement officer, retired military personnel, or a firefighter? If so, you’re in luck! You can enjoy the perks of law enforcement discount glock style! The GLOCK Blue Label Program shows you their appreciation by offering exclusive discounts on their top-of-the-line products. Serving and protecting our communities has its perks, and … Read more

Microtech Military Discount

A guide discussing the Microtech military discount for knives

Are you in law enforcement? In the armed forces? Or are you a first responder? If so, your contribution to national safety and defense is something to commend for. And the Microtech Knives ensure you’re well-appreciated through their famous Microtech Military Discount. With this program, you can get your hands on top-of-the-line knives at drastically … Read more

Finding The Best Online Gun Safety Course

A guide to finding the best online gun safety course

Did you know that according to the USA Facts, there are almost 48,000 death cases due to firearms? That’s why you should never try holding any gun without proper training. But worry not; you can actually train yourself even at home. All you have to do is find the best online gun safety course. Remember, … Read more