Hunting In Georgia

Last Updated: 14th May 2023

Let’s get this straight: hunting in Georgia is really costly. But its abundance of wildlife and its generous bag limits make up for it.

From white-tailed deer prancing through the forests, elusive turkeys hiding in the brush, to black bears roaming the mountains, the Peach State truly is a hunter’s paradise.

All these hunting opportunities coupled with generous bag limits? Well, that’s heaven!

There’s so much more to explore about hunting in Georgia. And if you want to learn it all in just one click, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s dive into the rich hunting culture of Georgia!

Georgia Hunting Seasons

Georgia’s WRD takes its role seriously, carefully managing the state’s wildlife resources to strike that perfect balance between conservation and adventure. By setting hunting seasons, bag limits, and other regulations, they create an environment where both hunters and wildlife can thrive.

Here’s the rundown of the general hunting seasons in the state:

Deer HuntingArchery: Early September to Early January
Early September to late January
Primitive Weapons: Mid-October to early January
Firearms: Late October to early January
Bear HuntingArchery: Mid-September to Early January
Primitive Weapons: Mid-October to early January
Turkey HuntingSpring Season: Late March or early April
Fall Season: Late October to late January
Alligator HuntingMid-August to early October
Upland Bird HuntingGrouse: Mid-October to late February
Quail: Mid-November to late February.
Small Game HuntingRaccoon: Mid-October to late February
Squirrel: Mid-August to late February
Rabbit: Mid-November to late February
Note: Specific dates and regulations may change, so it’s important to consult the Georgia DRN for the most up-to-date information.

Deer Hunting

Like Alabama, Georgia is renowned for its deer hunting opportunities, and it’s no secret that the state has a reputation for producing trophy-quality deer.

Regarding deer hunting in Georgia, you’ll find yourself amidst a hunter’s paradise. The state boasts diverse habitats, including majestic mountains, lush forests, and fertile farmlands, all contributing to the thriving deer populations. Georgia’s deer herd is known for its impressive size, and it’s not uncommon to spot bucks with unique antler spreads.

To hunt deer in Georgia, you’ll need a valid hunting license, which can be obtained from the Georgia DNR. Additionally, hunters must possess deer tags, which record and report harvested deer.

Bear Hunting

Georgia is home to a healthy and expanding population of black bears. These challenging and elusive creatures can be found in various state regions, including the mountainous areas of north Georgia and the Okefenokee Swamp in the southeast.

The state allows different hunting methods to harvest black bears. The most common methods include hunting with dogs, spot-and-stalk, and baiting to help you quarrel with these animals.

If you’re planning to hunt bears in Georgia, obtaining the necessary licenses and tags is important. You can get specific licenses for bear hunting, but you may also need to fulfill additional requirements based on your chosen hunting method.

Alligator Hunting

Embarking on an alligator hunting adventure in Georgia promises unforgettable memories and a unique connection to the wild.

Alligator hunting in Georgia is conducted through a limited entry system. Interested hunters must apply for a quota hunt permit, and successful applicants are randomly selected to participate. The quota hunt permit application process typically opens in the spring.

During alligator hunting season, hunters are allowed to use specific methods to capture alligators, including hook and line, snatch hooks, harpoons, and bows and arrows. The use of firearms is not permitted in Georgia’s alligator hunts.

Top Hunting Destinations in Georgia

These top hunting destinations in Georgia are cherished for their diverse habitats, abundant wildlife populations, and unique experiences they offer. Whether you prefer the mountains, swamps, forests, coastal wetlands, or exclusive hunting plantations, Georgia has it all!

Here’s the overview of the top hunting places in Georgia:

Oconee National Forest

Picture this: 116,000 acres of pure, undisturbed wilderness stretching as far as your eye can see. This is Oconee National Forest, an adventurer’s paradise in the heart of Georgia.

The dense, verdant forest is a bustling hub of wildlife, teeming with white-tailed deer, elusive turkeys, and small game, like rabbits and squirrels. It’s a place where every turn could lead to a thrilling encounter with the wilderness. From the moment you set foot in this forest, you’re in for an unparalleled hunting experience.

The sights, the sounds, the sheer thrill of the hunt – it’s all here, waiting for you in the untamed wilds of Oconee.

Redlands WMA

Prepare yourself for the rugged beauty and thrilling hunting experiences that await in the Redlands Wildlife Management Area. This hunting location in northeast Georgia, spanning 37,000 acres of untouched wilderness, is an ideal destination for adventurous hunters.

The land here is rich with game, from the majestic deer to the crafty turkey, and smaller game that will keep your hunting instincts sharp.

Redlands WMA is not just about the hunt; it’s about the pursuit, the chase, and the exhilarating moment of triumph. Each habitat, from the hardwood bottoms to the loblolly pine forests, presents a unique challenge and an unforgettable adventure.

Chattahoochee National Forest

If you’re looking for a hunting ground that will test your skills to the limit, look no further than the Chattahoochee National Forest.

With a staggering expanse of over 750,000 acres of untamed wilderness, this is the ultimate hunting challenge. Here, amidst the serenity of nature, you’ll match wits with black bears, turkeys, and white-tailed deer. Every moment in this forest is an adventure, from tracking your prey through the remote wilderness to the adrenaline rush when you make your shot.

This is where you’ll face the wild, embrace the unexpected, and experience hunting in its most raw and thrilling form.

Georgia Hunting License

To hunt in Georgia, you’ll need a valid hunting license. The state offers various license options, including annual, short-term, and youth licenses.

These licenses can be purchased online or from authorized vendors, making obtaining the necessary documentation convenient.

License TypeResidentNonresident
Adult HuntingHunting & Fishing: $30.00
Hunting Only: $15.00
Hunting & Fishing: $150.00
Hunting Only-1 Year: $100.00
Hunting Only-1 Day: $6.00
Apprentice HuntingHunting & Fishing: $5.00Hunting & Fishing: $30.00
Senior Hunting$7.00N/A
Disability Hunting1-Year: $3.00

Georgia Hunting Permit

Another base requirement to hunt legally in Georgia is the hunting permits.

Hunting permits generate funds that are typically allocated towards conservation initiatives to safeguard and improve the natural habitats required for wildlife to thrive.

Big Game Hunting1 Year: $25.00
1 Day: $10.00
1 Year: $225.00
1 Day: $130.00
Harvest Record
(Deer and Turkey)
Alligator Permit$75.00$250.00
Migratory Bird Stamp$5.00$5.00

Hunter Education

Georgia requires hunters born on or after January 1, 1961, to complete a hunter education course before obtaining a hunting license. This course provides valuable knowledge about hunting safety, ethics, regulations, and conservation practices.

It’s a great way to ensure you have the necessary skills and understanding to be a responsible hunter.

Georgia Coyote Challenge

The Georgia Coyote Challenge isn’t just an opportunity for hunters to test their skills and grit; it’s a call to arms for the stewards of Georgia’s bountiful natural resources.

Coyotes, resourceful and adaptable predators, significantly impact Georgia’s native wildlife populations. By participating in the challenge, you are contributing to the essential work of wildlife management and helping to balance the ecosystem.

Every coyote you successfully harvest and report earns you an entry into a drawing for a lifetime hunting license, or other equally exciting prizes.

But the real reward? It’s the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the sense that you’re playing a vital role in conserving Georgia’s diverse ecosystems.


I know, hunting in Georgia would probably bum out cost-conscious hunters. But with its varied selection of game species and hunting places to hunt, I’m telling you, it’ll be all worth it!

Are you up to discovering more hunting opportunities in the US? Let’s explore their wilderness together!